2019 Waterline Replacement Project (Walnut Hills)

Project Information:

Location North of East Dry Creek Road and east of South Quebec Street, Centennial
Description Replacement of approximately 14,000 feet of 12-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch, and 4-inch water mains, valves, and fire hydrants
Schedule Bid - February 2019
Construction - May through October 2019
The contractor will begin mobilization efforts the week of May 5th, 2019.
2019 Waterline Replacement Project

The typical events occurring during waterline replacement construction looks like:

  • Mill the pavement where the new waterline is to be installed
  • Set-up traffic control for the safety of works, drivers, and pedestrians
  • Dig a trench for a section of waterline to be replaced
  • Install the new waterline
  • Backfill the trench and compact the soil
  • Test the new waterline – we test to make sure it does not leak and that it is clean
  • Fully connect the new waterline to the existing system
  • Transfer homes from the old waterline to the new waterline
  • Open the street to traffic before moving on to the next section of pipe - the contractor will likely come back to pave at a later date (in order to do a lot of the paving at once), but it will be drivable in the meantime
  • Restore disturbed areas to similar conditions as before construction